Friday, January 28, 2011

So Much Failure, But One Glorious Win

No updates for a while.  My girlfriend stayed over for 3 days, longest amount of time I ever spent with her.  So much fun :D

Anyways, we started playing Donkey Kong Country 2 in the middle of October, over 3 months ago.  We would play it every time she visited, about once a week.  I was always Diddy, she Dixie.  We were in the final world, and we set a goal to beat this game over the three days she would be here.  It took us two of those days to make it to the end.  Finally, glorious victory!

This game was so... fucking.... difficult!  We got a game-over like 20 times I would guess.  So much frustration, so many tears.  It makes the victory all the much sweeter.  We made love as the credits rolled.

The game is wacky yet simple.  Incredibly difficult, yet beatable.  Full of challenges and packed with so much charm to keep you coming back.  And it's multiplayer.  I miss when the times when more games were like this.  Really, the music alone is enough to keep us playing.  It was such a fun experience.  Can't wait to find the next game we can play together.

So much win lately.


  1. probably my favorite game. i find myself wanting to play it every once in a while just to listen to the music. also, the 7-year old me will never live down rage quitting for 10 years after not being able to beat toxic tower.

  2. Finding a girl that will play video games with you is a win...hold on to that one.


  3. great game i finished a long time ago

  4. I hate the wasps, the mines and the endboss, freaking cannons.