Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't you hate that feeling?

I recently saw Tron in theaters with my girlfriend.  I might do a HtF review on that movie at another time.  Spoiler alert: I didn't enjoy it.  Then I was thinking today, it wasn't as good as the other movie I saw a month ago with my girlfriend in theaters.... BUT WHAT MOVIE WAS IT??

It's so frustrating.... I remember fooling around with my girlfriend in the theater. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it, hehe.  No... I remember it was actually a good movie.  But my mind is drawing a blank.  If it was good, shouldn't I remember it? AHHH!

I would recommend everyone go see it.  Too bad I don't know which movie it was.  My brain has failed.

Maybe my followers can help me.  What good movies were playing about a month ago that aren't playing anymore?


  1. Stand back everyone, Im used to this question, so now I ask several questions:

    Who was in it?
    What did they do?
    Any idea of at least part of the title?

  2. No idea at all..... Can't remember a thing. Only that I saw it in theaters and I enjoyed it.

  3. HARRY POTTER! fuck yea..... got it. holy shit.... my brain...

    yea, good movie :P

  4. Sounds like your brain could use more exercise, next time you might sprain it.

  5. or something more dangerous.... you could have pulled it 0.o budum tss

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  7. LOL no idea man. Good luck

  8. This happens to me all the night, I guess that's how Alzheimer starts out hehe!

  9. Oh my gosh, that happens to me all the time! Sometimes if someone tell me a movie title, I don't even remember if I've seen it. Was it...

    Love & Other Drugs
    Next Three Days
    How Do You Know

  10. I walked out on Tron after about an hour. My brain just couldn't take a single extra second of the complete and utter crapfest that was Tron. After about 10 minutes, the novelty of the visuals wears off, and you're left with a stupid story with characters you don't care about in a world that's not adequately explained. Even knowing it was going to suck didn't quite prepare me for it.

  11. @ Natural Peanut Butter

    yes! exactly.

  12. Hate it when this happens. Atleast you remembered it eventually. I usually remember it at the worst times, while driving, in the shower, etc.

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