Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sex Fail!

Not gonna go into too much detail here.  I live in my parent's basement, I got my own bathroom.  I decided to have sex in the shower.  Didn't end well at all.....

Not sure what to do..... My parents will kill me... and be disgusted.

I have failed.


  1. lol...poor you man. Just say you slipped...several times...and banged your head...real hard...several times.

  2. Looooll. Just say you slipped and rammed your shoulder or something.

    Also, I really need some clicks on my blog! Money's short as of late!

  3. that happened while having sex? were you slamming her head into the tile?

  4. Oh the irony, having to write one of your own fail's on a blog about failing XD. Though as somebody who regularly works with tile I can say that that doesn't look entirely like it was your fault. The mortar under those tiles looks fail itself.

    p.s. Is everybody remembering to leave ads open for at least 15 seconds? I am.

  5. looks like the tsunami didn't hit just Japan bro
    following and $upporting